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Gustavo Oliveira // Zeitgenössisch & Capoeira

Lebenslauf // CV
Gustavo Oliveira was born in 1982 in Brazil. He began his education in 1985 at Darue Malungo in Recife (BRA), studying capoeira, music, african-brazilian dance and traditional brazilian dance. From 1996 until 2000 Gustavo joined the Grupo Experimental de Danza do Recife under the direction of Monica Lima, focusing on classical ballet and contemporary dance. His professional career began in 2001, when he joined the CPBC (Companhia Portuguesa De Bailado Contemporâneo) as a dancer and later on as a teacher and choreographer himself, under the direction of Vasco Wellenkamp. He danced in numerous of Wellenkamp's and guest choreographer's productions such as: “Sete sonhos de Passaros”, “Amaramalia”, “Requiem”, “Euridicie e o Instante”; Gagik Ismailian – “Fragmented Bodies”; Patrick Delcroix – “Cherché, Trouvé, Perdu”, “Last Time Touch”; Clara Andermatt – “O Toque”; Pedro Goucha Gomes – “Zulia”; Henry Oguike – “Finale”. During his carreer he was also fortunate to work and collaborate with following choreographers: Rui Lopes Graça, Benvido Fonseca, Barbara Griggi, Patricia Henriques, Niels Chriestie, Rita Judas, Susana Lima, Denise Namura, Claudia Novoa, Rita Reis. After the closing of the CPBC in 2016 Gustavo focused on travelling throughout Europe and abroad, giving masterclasses, choreographing and being a guest dancer: Italy (Concorso Internazionale Gran Premio della Danza in Catania); Portugal (Companhia de Danca de Matosinhos – „Tripalium“, National Conservatory of Dance, Superior School of Dance, “So You Think You Can Dance”); France (Mansle Danse Ecole); Holland (Codarts); Zurich (Tanzwerk101, Zurich Tanztheater Schule); United Kingdom; Angola; Brazil; Austria; Sweden; Company Chameleon (UK; “Beauty of the Beast”, “Of Man and Beast”), Opus Ballet Firenze. Especially his choreographic work with the company Opus Ballet has proven to be an international success, including the most recent of premiers in December of 2017, in Napoli, “Serata Europea” (choreographies presented: “Where's myself”, “Ultimi Tacti” and “Gli Amanti”). He was placed 19th by Dance Europe on the list of the “Top One Hundred Dancers Season 2010/2011” and most recently was awarded the prize of „best interpreter of Contemporary Dance of the year 2017“ by the National Dance Academy in Rome.


Klassenbeschrieb // classdescription

Gustavo Oliveira designs his class to prepare dancers to be ready – for any type of work, any style of dance.
„Using the balance“ is a key phrase to him, which will be worked on throughout his classes. He combines all his movement knowledge, from Capoeira to Classical Ballet, in addition to a lifetime of professional experience in companies and as a freelancer, offering an incredible amount of information for young dancers.
His class is very physical, unique all the while: he warms his dancers up by intricate floor work exercises, moving on to pirouette combinations, followed by movement across the floor (focusing on strenghening the dancers body by sliding, gliding, rolling etc. across the floor – allowing the dancer to accumulate a vast vocabulary of movement), to conclude he creates a combination using all the tools worked on throughout the class.


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